So, how do we feel about latex?

Not the typesetting program, the material.

I went to a walkthrough the other night at The Estate -- a nightclub downtown which is laid out like an opulent rat warren -- for RAW Provocations, which is the last show of the season for RAW Artists in Boston. I'm walking in a showcase for a designer named Doll Hart, a chipper little lady who showed up in jeans and chucks, and whose hair is currently the color of an assortment of My Little Ponys. Her company, Rubenesque Latex, specializes in artistic designs in latex for women of all shapes and sizes. Not all the models were at the walkthrough (it was only mandatory for designers, but I wanted to be sure I could find the club), but the ones I met ranged from round and cuddly to tall and athletic to absolutely eensy and adorable.

I gather that Doll does do fetish pieces, but all of the fashion pieces we're wearing in the show are works of art, full of color with printing and cutouts and flirty overlays. She will also have a rack of things on sale out on the floor with her, should you fall in love with some of her creations, and we models will also be circulating in the crowd before and after the show with both our own promo cards, and some for our hair and makeup artists. We're a fun bunch, if you can hear us over the music -- one casually remarked to me that she used to be a chemist working with explosives, and one of our backstage artists was just in a movie with Adam Sandler.

The DJ is also all mouth -- as a DJ should be -- with a blue mohawk, and one of the other participants has her skill listed as "circus performance", so this will be strange, thrilling, and decidedly on the weird end of a rollicking good time.

RAW Provocations is being held at The Estate (map here) on October 11th, from 7-10pm, at which point the art is struck and the club starts its normal nighttime operations. Tickets are still available through Doll's page for $10 pre-show, and can also be bought for $15 at the door. If you are absolutely dying to see me, or anyone else, in Doll's candy-colored latex, please do come. (And buy me a drink! Outside of Chinatown and their reflexive instinct to provide food for any event that involves more than three people in a room, models don't usually get comped.)

The event is 21+ only, due to the venue, but I'm told that the audience for RAW is otherwise surprisingly broad. Cocktail attire is required, but feel free to get creative. We are.


  1. That sounds absolutely fabulous, and I wish I was close enough to attend! (Or rich enough to fly out on a moment's notice.) Have fun!


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