oh goddamn it.

Once again, I'm fine. I'm stuck at home because the MBTA has shut down -- and that was not a fun T Alert message to wake up to; the last time the T shut down was for Hurricane Sandy -- which is exactly where they want me: miles away from where Die Hard: Boston Edition is apparently still in progress.

Shutting the T down was not exactly an overreaction, but I suspect they felt free to take such a drastic step the first time they thought of it basically because the city didn't lose its collective shit on Monday. Bad stuff happened and no one stampeded, so when more bad stuff happened they figured the citizenry would do as they were told, and issued the order to close everything down. I don't know details -- and we've been asked not to broadcast them if we do know them, incredibly without any actual swear words -- but I'm told there are FBI and SWAT involved and so forth.

The Powers That Be are understandably incredibly fucking angry right now, and this is going to end very badly for anyone involved in kicking the whole thing off. Considering they managed to hose the morning commute for about six million people, they are in for a world of pain. The whole point of closing the T and ordering sections of the city into lockdown (I know they're giving town names in the media like they're independent entities right now -- there are about a dozen "towns" in Boston and Cambridge that are actually neighborhoods all of like half a mile square, people are just very protective about their borders for historical reasons) is to give them nowhere to run.

I'm not watching the news right now, because there is not enough Xanax in the world to get me to do that, but one of my roommates is keeping track of everything and promised to tell me anything I need to know. I had no particular intention of leaving the house today anyway, so I'm not like stranded or anything. I've got internet and ramen and all that, I'm good. The rats have continued their perfect record of sleeping straight through everything newsworthy ever.


  1. I'll admit, my first thought of hearing about everything going on in Boston was worrying that you were okay, but then that voice of reason popped up in the back of my head to remind me that, if I knew you, you probably weren't planning on heading anywhere unless absolutely necessary in the first place, and you were smart enough to stay clear of any trouble anyway.

    1. You can chill. I'm not anywhere near the section under lockdown. There is a small child shrieking outside my window right now, and some dude operating a power saw down the street, because without the T everyone has gotten a sudden unexpected day off. I'm well out into what passes for suburbs in New England. One of my roommates can't get to his office in Brighton, and one of the trending hashtags on Twitter is "Watertown", both of which would take me 30-60 minutes to even reach, on a good day when none of the Green Line breaks down.

    2. Yeah, despite the fact that most of my Boston geography knowledge is either based on the Revolutionary War or the chatter on Car Talk, I figured that the odds of you being in that vicinity wasn't too high.

    3. Car Talk is awesome and I'm gonna miss them when they retire. Every single last thing they say about Harvard Square at the end of the show is TRUE.


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