T still closed. They get back on Twitter every couple of hours to tell us there's still no service and occasionally to answer questions like "Um, is there any way I can get my car out of the garage at Alewife?" (Answer: Probably yes. Contact the T Police at 617.222.1212. Info at @MBTAGM.) Boston still phenomenally pissed. Not at the MBTA -- one of the victims is a transit cop with the almost stereotypical Boston-Irish name of Richard H. Donohue, who was reported to be out of surgery and in stable condition as of this morning -- but at the people responsible for making the MBTA shut down.

I found myself hoping, as of about 9am, that the fucknuts involved stepped a toe into Rhode Island at some point. For non estadounidenses, US law has a clause stating that if you cross state lines in commission of a crime (including fleeing from the scene of a crime and aiding in the flight of a fugitive, which are per se illegal), it automatically becomes the proverbial federal case and jurisdiction for investigation and prosecution may -- sometimes must -- be handed over to the federal authorities. Massachusetts does not have capital punishment anymore, but the federal government fucking well does.

I'm not normally in favor of executing people, but in this case I think I could live with it. At least one of them is already quite dead. I imagine that the BATF is issuing blanket permission to use basically anything short of the Illuminati satellite-mounted space lasers right now. I find I am quite angry on behalf of the actual city, which is a weird feeling, since I've never really given two shits about the place I lived before.

As for me, the town I'm in went through with our regularly scheduled trash and recycling pickup today, albeit about six hours late. So far as I know, Waste Management does not arm its drivers, although for safety they do get stylish chartreuse traffic vests that are probably visible from Mars. So my biggest problem is that, even were I to be forced out of the house for something, it's clouded up something fierce and I'd probably end up soaked to the skin. Using the curl in my hair as rough hygrometer, it's about 457% humidity outside.


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