Right. Here's the deal.

I spend a lot of time on this blog. Probably a lot of time I ought to be spending on other things, but I like this blog more than I like the other things in question. I don't know if it's the equivalent of a full-time job, but it's at least a part-time job. This is a lot of time and effort I'm investing, is what I'm saying here.

I would like to not have to reduce this time in order to do something much more boring that makes me money. I can justify keeping up my approximately-daily posting schedule if this turkey makes me something. So, I have set up a Kindle subscription feed. You do not need a physical Kindle to read it; any Kindle reader will do, including the phone versions. Kindles are bad at things that involve speedy thinking or high refresh rates, so not all of the articles will be booted to the Kindle feed -- Amazon automatically removes videos and the like, so any post that would be incomprehensible without them is just not getting pitched into it in the first place. (I'm filtering by label, if you're interested. Posts marked 'kf' are going to the Kindle version.) That means that things like the yearly Advent Calendar aren't going to Kindle, nor a lot of the media recommendation posts where I embed samples. I'm also probably not going to bother sending any of the tiny updates for Boston locals, nor will I be sending anything that involves photo proofs of me and the like, for which I generally have only non-commercial rights.

I have no idea what the price will be. Amazon sets that, not me. Most of them seem to be either $0.99/mo or $1.99/mo. Amazon says they're only available via the US and UK stores, unfortunately, although I did have to agree to terms for the general EU publishing region, so who knows about the future. I get 30% of the subscription fee. Delivery should be free via Whispernet, as with Kindle books. Kindle blogs draw from open RSS and Atom feeds, so this here freely readable version of the blog, on the proper interwebs, is going to remain in place.

I'm also setting up a couple of more specialized feeds. They'll have content less frequently, but be more targeted than this main blog, which is more or less a gigantic hairball of stuff that comes out of my head. Same deal with those -- it needs an open feed, so the blog will also exist for free, but the more people subscribe to it, the more often I can take the time to update. Also, the more people subscribe, the more likely I am to attempt to publish collections or new content as books on other platforms like Nook, Google Play, or iOS apps, which don't support the trickle of blog posts like Amazon does.

As always, if you hate Amazon or Kindles or credit cards, or are just not located in a region where any of this is available, there is also a way to donate via PayPal, by sending money to miss.arabella.flynn@gmail.com. If you want to pay me in something other than electronic money, I can be contacted at the same address.

Amazon says the Kindle subscription feed will be up in 48-72 hours. I'll link when it gets approved, assuming it does.