I have to move again. I hate moving. It turns me into Simple Dog. It's never my choice. I'm never like, "So, this place isn't my favorite, I'll have a leisurely look around over the next six months, save some money, and find something else." It's always, "So, this place you think of as home? Yeah, get out."

Either I have no idea where I'm going, or I'm getting sucked back to my parents' house, which in my opinion is actually worse than being homeless.

I'd just finally stopped being neurotic about not buying things like furniture, too. I never fucking do that. I know someone's going to throw me out and all of the large objects will have nowhere to go.

I've been barely paying rent on this place and now I need first/last/deposit for somewhere else by 8/10. I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to do this. I've been spamming résumés to jobs and inquiries to people with rooms and I haven't received a single response to anything for the past week. I gave the landlady first/last when I moved in, so at least I don't have to cough up for this month, but that still doesn't give me very much margin, even in the theoretical event that I manage to spend zero dollars on living in the month of August.

I'm trying like hell not to move away from Boston. I'm looking for a room somewhere in the greater Boston area -- Medford/Somerville/Cambridge preferred, but I'm not all that fussy as long as it's on the T -- for $500~600 mo plus utilities. They must exist, since there are a bunch on craigslist, but I need one from someone who will actually answer emails. No smoking, no drugs, I drink at other people's parties about once in a blue moon, I listen to music under headphones, and I have one small animal who lives in a cage and therefore cannot ruin floors or furniture.

If you were pondering donations, also, now would be a good time. $10 gets you an article on the topic of your choice. $25 gets you a write-up of one of my wacky tabletop gaming campaigns. $50 gets you the script to a mystery dinner party -- much like those How To Host A Murder kits, only generally weirder. And if you're mad enough to cough up $100, then give me a mailing address as well, and you'll get... well, you'll see. I promise it's strange and handmade.


  1. Well, shit. I might be able to donate a pittance. I've cut out drinking this month (lots of folks here have done so for charity, aka "Dry July", but I'm just doing it for my wallet and my waistline), am rebuilding savings from our finally having bought a car here. Will have to see. Good luck, either way.

    1. Cars are terribly expensive. Moggie discovered how expensive they were recently when she totaled hers (or, more accurately, had it totaled by someone who decided to stop without warning on the highway) and suddenly discovered a surplus of money. She's still waffling on what kind she wants to buy as a replacement and how much she's willing to pay for it. May the gods of reliable service and cheap repairs smile down upon yours. :)

    2. Ta. :) We have high hopes for ours, being that it's very much like our previous car, which was gifted to husband and I by his parents' as a wedding present, which we sold five years later and sat on that sum stubbornly til now. Old car was a 2006 Honda Civic, new car is a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid (because we risked secondhand car shopping thanks to our savvy fellow expats' connections, and got a very reasonable offer on it), and now just need a reasonable insurance lined up.

      It was mentioned by someone that car insurance is largely optional in New Zealand, because the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) covers pretty much any unforeseen injury that occurs on NZ soil. It doesn't cover property damage though, so after some more discussion with locals we'll probably be relying on the other acronym, AA (Automobile Association, not Alcoholics Anonymous. Basically AAA, but NZ is too small to warrant all the A's ;]).

  2. Hopefully helpful links from Copperbadge's Radio Free Monday post (that you may have already seen, IDK):

    jjhunter and stultiloquentia are looking for one to two more people to join them and three others in starting a small co-op of artists and academics in Somerville, MA. Occupancy available now; contact J.J. via jjhunter24 at gmail dot com for more details.

    sofiaviolet is looking for a roommate in Jamaica Plain, Boston, for approximately September 1, though your move-in date can be a bit flexible. Close to the Orange Line. Your future roomie is quiet and From The Internet. No smoking and no pets that generate allergens. (http://sofiaviolet.dreamwidth.org/536416.html)

    Best of luck to you! I wish I could donate, but I've been unemployed for over 3 months now and Unemployment Insurance is being reticent on the coughing-up-what-they-owe-me front. XP But I have a line on a grocery store job (... yay ...) in the Boston vicinity and may be moving in there soon, so if I can get my shit together quick enough, I could possibly help you out on the housing front. ~hugs~

    1. The JP room is too much for someone who currently makes $800/mo, but I contacted the artist/academic co-op people. They may be willing to negotiate rent or move-in fees in exchange for work.

      I wish you the best of luck. Most of the trouble I'm having finding work is that I can't do mornings, or anything that requires me to travel while the T is shut down. Otherwise I'd be stocking shelves or waiting tables over breakfast somewhere already.

  3. For what it's worth, July is an excellent time to be looking for a new place. There will be a drop-off in postings and responses this particular week as people shift to holiday-oriented activities, but after the 4th all of this month is prime time.

    Best wishes to you in both searches. You saw this one, right? It sounded like your kind of thing.

    (I'm looking at jobs myself these days. Here's to good fortune for all of us.)


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