Things To Do On Vacation: Free Mobile Games

Week One: Things That Work In Airplane Mode

But I'm still booooooooored, you whine, stuck in a Greyhound station in the precise center of fucking nowhere. Just reading or listening to things isn't enough! I need to do something!

Fine, then. Here are some mobile games you can play for free. Many if not all of them have ads, but they don't whine about updating them if your data's turned off.

[Note to people with Kindles: It is stupidly easy to break out of Amazon's walled garden and get to the Google Play store. Instructions here. If you're too scared to do it, go find a 12-year-old to jailbreak the thing for you. It'll be over in five minutes, promise.]

iTunes | Google Play

A simple number puzzle based on sliding blocks around. Combine powers of 2 until you get 2048. Harder than it sounds.

Flow Free
iTunes | Google Play

Connect the colored dots without crossing the streams.

iTunes | Google Play

The original horrifically addicting match-three thing from PopCap Games.

iTunes | Google Play

Learn geometry and rack up achievements at the same time! Way more fun than it sounds, I promise. If you like Martin Gardner's puzzle books, you'll like this.

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance
iTunes | Google Play

An interactive fiction whatzit that promises both love and murder.

iTunes | Google Play

Blocks. Blocks EVERYWHERE.


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