Once again, the weather service predicted Armageddon, and nothing happened to me. We had full power and comms the entire time. I spent most of the day on Twitter reading about how Manhattan is pretty much toast -- or, rather, soup. The death toll seems strikingly low for such a widespread storm, and I hope it stays that way.

It's still windy enough here that you'd have to be fairly stupid to go out for a stroll, but there's no serious flooding to speak of, at least in my neighborhood. We'll all get up tomorrow morning and find leaves lodged in parts of the house where leaves should never go, but we can all have nice hot showers after we've finished clearing them.

The exciting part being over, I'm going to bed. 


  1. Glad to see you're completely unscathed, and that few of your supplies were necessary.

    1. I suspected this would be the case, honestly. I'm not right on the coast, nor close enough to either the Mystic or the Charles to worry about flooding. The most likely local catastrophe would be some of the large trees coming down and taking out the overhead power lines, and even that's not likely -- there are lots of houses here, mot particularly regularly spaced, which act as effective windbreaks. We're just very, very soggy.


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